Daniel S. DeLuca


I am committed to the idea that an artwork can be a process that encompasses many different phases and forms. As a result I consider my work to be project based and concept oriented. The major elements in my work are live actions, context specificity, photography, and appropriated materials. Currently, I'm exploring structures and concepts related to globalizing culture, art, and language. 

My favorite audiences are unsolicited ones.  I often work in public spaces and in direct relation to local demographics. I have become increasingly interested in where large groups of people gather (or intersect) and the spaces and content they gather around. I use these places and events as a starting point for projects, and as a lens through which to investigate local and global cultural issues. The World Expo in Shanghai, China, the Spring Equinox Festival in Mexico, and the Maha Kumbh Mela in India are three events that I have created projects around. I have also made work in incidental locations like crowded intersections as well as tourist attractions like Disney World or Millennium Park in Chicago.

Once a location is identified I spend time studying the context that I have selected or have been asked to work in.  Before I arrive to a site I will have researched a broad range of information related to the country, city, and specific location where the work will be implemented.  After I arrive I spend as much time as I can traveling in and around the area in order to acclimate to the environment and locate materials.  This period of acclimation typically ranges between 2-7 weeks. I appreciate and try to tap into the cultural dynamics that emerge during this time. I try to be sensitive to the culture I import, the signs and affects of global capitalism, and the local culture I observe. I take particular note of how local populations have maintained and adapted their cultures over time. 

The actions that result from my work tend to present impressions. I'm interested in asking questions more than making statements or grand gestures. I prefer the subtle to the overt and the contemplative over the spectacle.