Daniel S. DeLuca


I am committed to the idea that an artwork can be a process that encompasses many different phases and forms. As a result, I consider my work to be project based and concept oriented. I utilize live actions, context specificity, interactivity, and appropriated materials to construct novel forms of artistic research. Currently, I'm exploring structures and concepts related to communication, technology, nature, and public art.

I typically work in public spaces and my favorite audiences are unsolicited ones. I create opportunities for viewers to transform into active participants in the work by actively questioning and loosening the boundary between what is and what is not considered art. I use my work as a catalyst to encourage others to activate their own creativity, imagination, and artistic processes by positioning the work at the threshold between life and art. One of the by-products of this approach is that the content of the work becomes a reflection of the issues brought to it by participants.

Working with publics and spaces in a site-sensitive manner and in direct relation to local demographics inevitably leads to challenging existing and imagined narratives of a place.These narratives could stem from the physical, social, or historical aspects of the site. The remnants and images from my performance projects – like photos, actions, written materials, videos, audio recordings, etc. become elements in extending and repositioning the narrative of the work for a variety of future applications (websites, exhibitions, installations etc.).

My commitment to a site-sensitive approach also challenges the forms and style my work takes. I hope that my conceptual aesthetic can be identified despite the myriad visual styles that surround it.