Certainly Probably Knot

        Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, 2015

Certainly Probably Knot is a piece inspired by the mythologies archived and disseminated around Black Mountain College and its lineage with the Bauhaus.  Created for the ICA’s (Bau)haus Party in connection with Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933-1957, my collaborator, Sandrine Schaefer and I each created a character and actions in the spirit of Black Mountain costume parties. We installed ourselves in a large glass elevator for the duration of 2 hours.  Sandrine sat on a ladder reading and cutting up passages of John Dewey’s Art as Experience, a text that has been said to be formative to the development of the philosophy of the college. Occasionally, she cut pieces from a wig she wore made from a mop head.  As fragments of the book fell to the ground, I engaged museum visitors to roll a dodecahedron to receive an instruction by chance.  Once they rolled, I would randomly select a fragment of the text or a string from Sandrine’s wig to gift to the participant to use with the instruction.  The piece ended shortly after we were notified that the participants were no longer allowed to use the instructions in the galleries of the museum because the “shouting at paintings” was too disruptive.