Mobius/808 Infuse

Organized by Daniel S. DeLuca and Mobius Artist Group

In the last ten days of spring, Mobius presented five nights of live art at the BU 808 Gallery. Mobius/808 Infuse presented each artist with the substantial challenge of creating site-sensitive artworks for the 11,000 square foot gallery. Artists were asked how they could leverage the scale and character of the space through minimal approaches and still generate depth and complexity in their work.  The 808 Gallery is unique for its size and direct exposure to the street through a block-long row of windows. Its dark granite floors and ornately decorated ceiling are distinguished through octagonal designs. Walls usually partition the gallery however, for Infuse, two rows of pillars were the only physical elements that broke up the otherwise cavernous space. Over twenty established and emerging artists participated throughout the series.

About Mobius:

Mobius (est. 1977) is a nonprofit, artist-run organization, whose mission is to generate, shape and test experimental art. The members of the organization believe an effective strategy for supporting this art is to establish grounds that build relationships among fellow artists. Mobius is committed to structuring environments that foster projects incorporating a wide range of disciplines. This approach sets in motion situations where the artist's impact can be seen locally, nationally and internationally. Constructing art initiatives outside accepted frameworks and encouraging animated discourse with the public are fundamental to Mobius.

June 12 | Marilyn Arsem, Joanne Rice + Tom Plsek

June 13 | Dirk Adams, Sara June + Max Lord

June 14 |  Anna Wexler + Dennis Friedler + Marie Lalevée, Nathan Andary, Jane Wang, Maria Molteni+Cara Kuball + New Craft Artists in Action, Vela Phelan, Amber Vistein, Alice Vogler, Kara Stokowski, Zayde Buti, Nighthouse Studio, Tom Plsek+John Egizi, Mari Novotny-Jones

June 19 | Yuka Takahashi + Angela Sawyer,  Daniel S. DeLuca, Derek Hoffend + Matt Azevedo

June 21 |  Philip Fryer, Jimena Bermejo-Black


808 Gallery - Boston University - 808 Commonwealth Avenue - Boston, MA 02215